In life, we always have a choice. Yes, we always have a choice in how we think and what we feel.


In any day, the same 24 hours will pass, and yes, we are human with emotions, day-to-day obligations, moments of worry, times of peace, flashes of fear & precious fragments of simple joy…but please remind yourself that you always have the opportunity to remind yourself to consider a little shift in your outlook when things seem incongruent.

Make that shift in your outlook a shift towards whatever works for you and consider what could bring you assurance, hope and motivation to keep you moving forward.

There is no template or “right way” to anything . Do what makes sense for you with a mindful spirit to remember this: Focus on what can bring you good things…More potential for long-term peace, stability and room for further growth.

We are each unique with our own individual past, present and future. Each stage and potential is good, necessary and the path YOU were meant to take.

Remember that not one damn thing that happened in your journey was unnecessary or a mistake. Each and every experience was meant to be and each and every new thing yet to happen will always be for your good. If you disagree, remind yourself to see the silver lining in them. There is always something to smile about, even if you realize it later… But to circle back, it is your choice to see it that way this day or not.

I say, see it with peace + light. Every day, it’s yours and anything you choose.



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