I love Maitake Mushrooms!

Get High: Maitake Mushrooms

Take a whiff of a Maitake mushroom. Hold the delicate boquet by the base. Dig gently around the mushroom. Trust me, you’re gonna love the funky smell it’ll impart on your fingers.

If you love the smell of a stinky cheese and white truffle olive oil, you’re going to feel the equally blissful high when you smell your hands and the denser, moist part of the mushroom (usually the base). It’s kind of an aphrodisiac, to be honest with you. It’s like smelling cheese and soil and it’s kind of sexy.

I prefer to eat them raw, both really fresh or 3-days later when they’ve sort of wilted a bit but that just means its lovely, pungent aroma deepens, like how cheese (and wine!) only get better with age. Another proof that everything gets better with age!

It’s got serious umami. It tastes like scrambled eggs. Try it, you’ll agree. It tastes like fluffy scrambled eggs hot off the cast iron skillet ready for the black pepper and sprinklin’ of scallions (and for me, drizzled with some really good soy sauce or the classic Heinz ketchup).

Intrigued? Go for it! Oh and put them in direct sunlight. Nutrition level (mainly Vitamin D) sky rockets when you sun these babies.

Here’s a shot of my snack today. Maitake and a blue foot mushroom! Umami goodness



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