Once, an emperor told his subjects to bring him something from his kingdom that he did not have

and he would bestow upon that person limitless wealth and power, etc.

Puppets came and went showing him a flower, a hat, etc. and he said “I have that! hahaha! Next!”

Then a little girl came and when the emperor scoffed, “Well, little girl, are you going to tell me you have something that no one else in my kingdom has brought me that I do not already have?” She said “yes, me!”

“There’s no one in the whole wide world exactly like me.”

So the emperor lost and the little girl won, and everyone in the kingdom cheered because yes, it was true.

So, little girl, there is no one in this kingdom quite like you, and you are very special indeed, with all your quibbles and quabbles, and foibles and doo-dahs. ImageImageImageImage


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