Katie’s Starfish story

As told to me by Janet King

One day while Katie was gliding with Daddy over the clear blue ocean on their paddleboard, Katie saw a starfish in the water on top of some rocks. Its bold blue color was darker than the glassine crystal blue of the ocean, and the contrast was how Katie spotted it in the first place.

Daddy searched for it and found the starfish. He dove down into the water and came up with starfish in hand. With a big smile, he presented the starfish to a delighted and awed Katie. She had never seen or touched a starfish before!

She took the starfish for a ride on her board and glided some more over the ocean with her newfound friend.

The sun gently drifted toward the horizon, and the ocean turned hot pink and dark purple as it mirrored the clouds in the sky. Mommy and Daddy aimed their boards toward shore and paddled to the beach. As the shoreline came closer, Katie imagined all the fun things she and the starfish could do at home.
Mommy then said to Katie that the starfish had its own home, far out in the ocean where it was found.

“No,” said Katie. “I don’t want the starfish to go.” And she protested all the way to the shore.

Once at the beach, Daddy said, “Katie, the starfish will die if it doesn’t stay in the ocean. But if we let it go back to its home, we can always visit your friend again any time.”
Katie, though sad and reluctant to let go of something so marvelous and wonderful, somehow understood, and with a smile, said “Good bye, Starfish!” Then Daddy flung the starfish (who probably yelled “whee!” all the way home) back into the ocean with a happy splash, the last image before the sun completely set.

July 2013Image


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