Being the best you

The words and present experiences, including the past memories, encounters and personalities we’ve encountered, will mean something to us at different times. Timing is everything. In one moment, one day day or one year, something or someone will resonate with us where as in other times, it may not– all depends on where we are in our lives, in our minds and in our priorities at the time. Are we in tune and receptive? Or does it flutter by us without much notice and thought?

It’s like having a design project and being focused on a certain aspect of it and all of a sudden, you begin to notice all the different design textures and applications around the city that you never noticed before. The experiences where I felt emotional pain and hardships enabled me to truly understand what compassion feels like, means and the power it has. When I felt financial struggles, I understood how hard it is for many others, and that we all have to get by somehow. I would help when I could, and also, not take for granted, what I had.

It isn’t about how much wealth you have in your pocket. It’s in how a difficult situation will indirectly give you the wealth of wisdom and the lessons to take care of both myself as well as one another. Whether they need it or not. We all have the opportunities of choice. Choosing to see the good in some of the bad. Choosing to do unto others as you would want seen in your own life. Choosing the kind of wealth that will expand your world. Whatever that means for you. For me, it’s being in tune with my life and embracing the gifts that fill my life. It changes at different times and I’m grateful that it does. It just means that there’s always more to experience and share.



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